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Way Out

By august 23, 2019octombrie 6th, 2021No Comments
I feel lost,
And there’s no shore to look for.
No me, nor you, or anyone
To blame.
Chords singing loud, vibrating
Strong, without a touch...
Feeling no more,
And yet
Much deeper all in all...

What for?!
I am, I know!
But “That I am”
Makes sense...
Much less, than ever did before.
I have my Passion!

That I am told.
What is and how
and where, what for...

It’s still a mystery
To me
I feel I have it.
And I know 
That I don’t want
Any less, any-more.

My Life ’s a mess
But I continue, on and on,
to Dream and trust
In Me. I am the Merlin
And all is good and clear.


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