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I’d like to …

By decembrie 19, 2019octombrie 6th, 2021No Comments
I’d like to sleep, and yet to work.

I feel so deep, but overwhelmed.

All is a mess, still very clear.

I’d love to go, while staying here.

Embodied be, enlightenment...

Mastery me, so hard to stand.

The butterfly, wants to return.

Back to cocoon, beyond this world.

What’s left to say, worthless to do,

Beneath this world lies the true you

And me and her and who knows who.

The gap is growing more and more.

Merlin’s true wisdom, changes all.

Its logic goes through time and space

It’s Here and Now, living in Grace.

What’s left to say?! To whom, what for?

If all there is, it’s only, simply ME,


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