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By decembrie 12, 2019octombrie 6th, 2021No Comments

„I Am Here confused coffee and here….” (J.S.)

I feel lost in this tiny huge complex world.

I'm with myself, more than I have ever been before.

Nothing seems right at all, yet neither it seems wrong.

It's like the 50 shades of grey turned bright and colourful

What for?! Why me? How? When?...

I realize more things now, than I have ever thought before. 

I'm closer to the depth of skies above, within, bellow... 

Somehow, It feels like I am truly living

My Life, my death, my souls, my dreams, my ALL.

How long? Why now? How come, and what more?

Everything's right, an Hummm and a vibrant tone.

My resonance, my energy, mySelf...

I realize I AM, all that I am; than I AM realized becoming...

Crystal clearness of all there is, returning to


What is mine? What is yours? What's this? What else?!?

It's total freedom, lack of fight, false being, reason,

doubts, boredom, limiting beliefs or simply fear...

It's like the worlds within suddenly quiet down...  stillness.

No more! No drama, nor the greyish patterns of mass consciousness.

No more to living or to death, to passion or to sacrifice yourselfs... 

Where am I? What to do? What's in it for me and 'till when...?

I'm more connected to all thee, as well as being more consciously aware.

I'm feeling soft Joy, bright Light, Safety, Grace and Freedom;

What lays next?!

It is so quiet, and so lonely, yet so vibrant crystal clear, as it is.

My Energy, my Wisdom, my awareness, and my breaths...

For my cocoon-insh overcoming pass,

just ended now, and I am ready to


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