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The Now Future

By octombrie 1, 2019octombrie 6th, 2021No Comments
You haven't, we didn't, I... don't know, 
What to believe any more.
The truth is... what's the truth?!
I am kind of scared of myself when I'm with you. 
And you're not even here.
You're miles and smiles away from everything

that used to be familiar to me.
When I enter the infinite Heartspace I fall into myself, 

my true SELF, my Devir... more than I would have ever

expected, and you are there. 
It's you but not you, and neither me the way I used to be;

to know myself.
When I talk to you... sometimes I get confused, 

you use so many words and complex concepts... and than, 

out of a sudden, there's simplicity and crystal clear clarity. 

And only than I can see myself in it, in you, in thee.
I don't know... 

I don't know, not even, what I don't know, anymore.
Before, I used to run up and down all day long, 

everywhere... from Me.
Now I am the stillness, the focal point of my existence 

and of everything else gravitating around me.
And than, there's you. Full of the deepest "I don't know!" 

of all (I don't know for me, not for you...). You seem to know it all.

I feel I can sense it too... Sense 3 than 4 and 5... Sense8,

and who knows what else, more...
The Now Future is here, but where AM I and how come

that I can always find you there, even when I cannot 

find myself any more?!
I feel the Grace, the Gratefulness, the Joy, the Peace, 

the Passion and the Love of all (there is)...
I start to understand better and more

the human - Merlin - Wisdom and Divine...
Freedom's my name, the "AND" - the key for all.
I AM, You are... my Friend,
deepest, than all.
Thank you, my one and only
Sovereign sweet (Home)Land!

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