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HeartSpace Opening

By octombrie 23, 2019octombrie 6th, 2021No Comments

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

I’ve been travelling for eons of time, 

experiencing thousands of lifes

in search of Myself.

I’ve been loving and falling 

into love... again and again, 

looking for the right One 

to complete me 

and make me feel whole than.

I’ve been longing and hoping, 

crying and dying, 

(re)birthing and running,

over and over again;

kept planning, imagining...

that once and forever

I shall find thee

so that I can find myself.

I’ve been travelling for eons of time, 

experiencing thousands of lifetimes

simply to understand...

Now I know that there is no One,

also neither good nor any bad;

all is well in all of the Creation,

Only I’ve been absent.

Now I know that the answer

always lies within myself,

that I am a true Master,

and sovereignty is my strand.

Also I have discovered that

I Am that I Am;

that allowing is the secret,

Love for myself is most grand...

I also know how bittersweet

human loneliness is.

Altogether with the experience

Of Divine Love and

my pure true wholeness in it.

What I wasn’t expecting

was that, once those came true,

only than true Love sharing,

Consciousness, Nhahyu...

inside Freedom, true Creation,

Joy of Life, Khaiko...

became really my experience,

the new way of Life, out of the Blue...

Knowing “It doesn’t matter!”

Shasat now, Kasama...

Only than, Heart Space opened,

and the clear sharp Dragon’s view;

Only than, here and beyond thee

I could finaly meet YOU,

within mySELF.

Thank you,



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