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Goodbye, Farewell, Hello!

By septembrie 22, 2019octombrie 6th, 2021No Comments
I loved, I lived, I cried; 

I’ve laughed and died, 

I was reborn for many, 

Many times. 

I thought I’m lost. 

Crazy at times, 

Losing it all, I thought.  

I’ve been through good,  

I’ve been through bad, 

Interesting things, at last.

Now that I’m gone, 

Off on my way, 

From all above, below  

Unlinked, unchained, no servant too; 

I can say I’m released. 

I realized I’m realized, from

Time to time, for good. 

Now I allow and wonder to 

What journey shall I take.  

Free that I AM 

And sovereign too, 

Released of all my past, 

I dare to dream, 

And to allow 

Create my brand new Path.  

I say goodbye to dear old friends, 

What a whole journey its been. 

Farewell ARCangels, 

my dear past, 

My mission reached it’s end.  

It’s been successful, that I know. 

It’s been an honour too, 

To be in service, ‘till the end, 

For my Dear Angels woo, 

That I shall never see.  

I am both human and divine, 

A sovereign master now. 

I have the Merlin mastery 

And my whole Freedom too.

I loved you all, 

I love myself. 

I sent you all, in Grace, 

My earthly wisdom, afterall... 

Life, Wisdom, Energy, 

Are all inside, and all is Me. 

That’s it, you know, so clear. 

No doubt or fight, no fear too 

Goodbye, Farewell,  Hello!

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